In Debt Author Still Persistent to Write Books

Author Angel S. Broady is currently in debt with Findaway vices due to a canceled audiobook project Cello Bride. This book is great with a stunning four star rating. Regardless of this hard time of this author's career she still want to proceed to continue writing (Let Me Go) Cello Bride Book 2.

Cello Bride Audiobook Production Cancelled, Author shutdown Publishing Audio Due to Claim   

Author Angel S. Broady has announced that audiobook project of Cello Bride has been cancelled due to failure for paying production cost. The author was notified by reviewers that her novels are outstanding; but the physcial title was unable to produce any sales to cover its audiobook production cost. Angel S. Broady approve recorded audio performance Chapter 1-18 by talented voice actress Kira Omans last year,; but the author was undecided about the last two recordings. Angel S. Broady was determine to do what ever it took to cover the unpublished project. Kira Omans understood the authors situation and the distribution service Findaway voices was notified through an email a year ago.

Angel S. Broady has been attending college, and even working side temporary jobs in desperation to help support her disable parents while saving little money at a time to cover the production cost balance of 1,300.10 dollars. Unfortunately the audiobook remain unpublished. The title Cello Bride's last two recordings of the ending credits and retail sample wasn't yet approved or commented by the author. Due to an unexpected small claim sent out by the audiobook services (Findaway Voices' Accounting manager.) The Author Angel S. Broady had decided to go no further with publishing and had disapprove Kira Omans project recordings. She has also deleted the title from becoming an audiobook and have notified the narrator who was aware of the authors financial difficulties.

We come to ask ourselves how can a talented author with such potential was unable to pay? The answer was simple. It is hard to self publish and gain exposure for to proceed in marketing. Readers failed to located where to buy books by Angel S. Broady., The marketing cost for a project to be promoted as a self-publisher costs. The author has spend so much of her time finding work to assisting at home, that going back to school was her only option. Angel S. Broady is writing another novel to the current series in hope that the physcial copy of this will be noticeable to readers, and easier for book buyers to purchase it.

She has a website named and an online store that is full of amazing products; but the author is very tight in promoting the site that it would become unnoticed for book lovers to visit.

This is one of the cases of it being hard to self publish when everything cost, and multiple sacrifices have to be made in order to fulfill a passion. At this time,Miss Broady has to shutdown the audiobook project.


January 4,2019. | Roanoke Rapids, NC

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Did Author Angel S. Broady Actually Made History? - First African American To Craft A Stunning Asian Drama

by publisher of Rose Angel Books the daring author has taken an ingenious accomplishment that many African writers wouldn't dare cross. The inspiring revelation of the talented author of two popular Asian romantic series has fallen into a rule of no boundaries between passion, and race.

The new talented Author, Angel S. Broady has written four beautifully and masterfully crafted Asian dramas. It was said in her community that an African American can't write a book that is outside of his or her race; but Broady refuse to see the line between the passion of writing a story and other ethical groups. She manages to express to the world her desire to reach out to other cultures in an artistic and respectful manner.

Angel S. Broadys' new series Cello Bride is one of her most challenging and heartfelt stories ever told. "This series will go a lot deeper than just marriage and struggle. It is to enlighten female and male standards into equality," continued Broady. "My story gives women a more beautiful and appealing standard through new forms of art and love."

The inspiration of writing one of the most challenging cultures can sprout the question; why she chooses to write such stories that stands outside of her own race? "I want to set an example to the African American community and to other races. No one should feel ashamed to learn and write about other cultures outside their own race. We are all made under the same God so shall we learn from that." Continued Broady. "I have a voice and with my voice I believe can enlightened the world."

Broady's beautiful work has been given praises by book reviewers as a stunning and moving journey. She is the first African American to have took a brave step into writing an Asian drama out of such respect and out of her own compassion. Her writings are known to being one of the fiercest cryptic to not hold back any punches. Angel S. Broady is a talented author from small town of Roanoke Rapids, NC. Read more at .

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Angel S. Broady

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November 27, 2018. | Roanoke Rapids, NC

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Cello Bride: Intriguing Journey of Self- discovery, and Betrayal - A Charming and Most Bewitching Romance


takes readers on a delightful, stunning and moving journey of a young art enthusiast's life as she falls into a forbidden relationship with a promoter that ends with being sold into sexual slavery. It's an intense, hot, powerful and thought-provoking romance.

Angel S. Broady, Author of the beautifully crafted novel Cello Bride is designed to open the eyes of modern society to love, female standards, and committed relationships. Her new series Cello Bride (Book 1) is now available on Amazon in paperback, hardback, and eBook format that takes readers on a chilling journey of passion and self-discovery.


Cello Bride is a beautiful hot, sexy, and ravaging classic that tells the life of a young girl name Miya Xi. She is an enthusiast, and strict critic for all art through-out world, but also a best distant friend to a young woman named Angela who continues to serve as Beijing's Queen Piyan's chosen toy concubine that she uses to please her husband sexual desires.

Miya's life takes a twist the moment she meets Andrea Amati's traveling promotor for the cello. After her failed attempts to get him to leave, she discovers that there was far more than just the sound of music between them. It's a truly thought-provoking romance filled with unique twists and turns that continually unfold.

"This series will go a lot deeper than just marriage and struggle." continued Broady. "My story gives women a more beautiful and appealing standard through new forms of art and love."

"A passionate story, richly imagined. . ." - Authors Reading

"Great promise of becoming great. . ." - Readers' Favorite

"Cello Bride is a stunning, moving and thought-provoking romance that takes readers on a sweeping, passionate and delightful journey that will charm and bewitch its readers with not only its transfixing literature but a story." -Red Headed Book Blog.

Angel S. Broady is a talented author from the small town of Roanoke Rapids, NC. She has managed to write romance and adventures that are not cliché or generic. The characterizations of her characters and stories are bewitching for all book lovers to enjoy. Read more at


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Angel S. Broady

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