Sealed of Fate

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Enter in the world of Dark History to Dark Fantasy. . Yakuza is now loyal to the clan of Iga and devoted under an attractive clan leader name Rau Kiyomizu. 

She comes to a point of opening herself sexually as a geisha to commit heartless murders to please her leader and to gain her immortality, but her objective only lead her to an ending rope of being hunted down, and falls into a heated passion towards a man she once believed she hated. . China to Japan experiences horrific plagues and famine. . . Dangerous romance and a sealed fate that reigns. death.

Dimension inches : (6 wide x 9 tall )

Publisher: Rose Angel Books

Author : Angel S. Broady

Condition : New autograph /signed, hardcopy ( in color )


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"Awesome Book!"- Barnes and customer review Mind blowing story and love the cover! the sex scenes in it is very broken down with a lot of twists. I recommend this to readers who love drama, action, and romance. I love how the author inserted history in the mix, very intense and deep. (5 out of 5 stars) 

Editorial Reviews :  Awesome story ! :-), By Josh Wells

This story was absolutely full of surprises. Angel S. Broady seemed to have transformed her series. The sex scenes in the story was steady not too much and not so random and it has a pure romantic meaning. I also enjoy how the author surprisingly manage to insert dark history into this fictional twist of famine and plagues. . The history that she inserted is dark and really fits the fictional story line.I highly recommend this story for readers who enjoys, action, fictional romance and drama. A really good book.

by Jacob Wills.

"Awesome Book!" - reviewI have never read a book from the Yakuza Sweet Revenge series before. This book is a awesome read with a glue page story-line too. I didn't want to put it down. The romance theme in this story was very different . Very unique writing style. It's truly deep with it's sex scenes and story telling. I do like how the author place history and myths with this fiction tale. It all blends together in a dark way. So glad to have read this story it was worth it. I recommend this book to readers who enjoy, history, Drama and Romance.