Cello Bride ( Book 1 )

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Read the story when heartache becomes destiny. . .
A beautiful hot, sexy, and ravaging classic that tells the life of a young girl name Miya Xi. She is an enthusiast, and strict critic for all art through-out world, but also a best distant friend to young woman name Angela who continues to serve as Beijing's Queen Piyan's chosen toy concubine that she uses to please her husband sexual desires.
Miya is a care-free woman who loves to tease men time to time, but her life toke a nervous twist the moment she meet Andrea Amati's traveling promoter for the cello. After her fail attempts of trying to get him to leave she soon discovers that there was more than just the sound of music between them. . .

A truly thought provoking romance to take ones breath away as it continues.

 ISBN: 978-1644672815

Dimension (inches) : 6 wide x 9 tall

Publisher: Rose Angel Books

Condition: New Autograph /signed , Hardback ( in color )


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" A passionate story, Richly imagined." - Authors Reading

Cello Bride by Angel S. Broady is a passionate story, richly imagined in the spaces of real history. Broady meticulously creates for the reader a strange, beautiful yet harsh society where parents give their daughters to Royalty to be used as concubines. The author gives a new take on the cherished but controversial custom of having concubines. Brody's character, Queen Pivan, considers them toys for her husband King Wun to use to satiate his sexual desires.. However, the queen has strict rules to follow for her concubines, one of them is not to get pregnant; if they do, they will be killed along with their child. Another rule is that they are not to have any sexual relations with anyone other than King Wun; breaking that rule means death.

The protagonist of the story is a beautiful 17-year-old woman who's a friend of Angela, Queen Pivan's most cherished concubine. The woman's name is Miya Xi, and she is a virtuoso of the violin and is sought after to try a cello that a young man, named, Timothy Locksmith is hired to promote. Locksmith's employer, Andrea Amati, is going broke and hopes that this virtuoso, Miya Xi's, recommendation of the instrument will save his company or at least help it survive.

"A promise of becoming Great !" - Reader's favorites

Cello Bride by Angel S. Broady is a contemporary romance story of a young woman who loves everything related to art. Care-free and interested in living life to its fullest, Miya Xi is a young woman that likes to taste everything that the world has to offer. She believes in living life freely and she likes to have the best of everything. So when she meets an enigmatic and handsome man, she knows that he is someone she is going to enjoy. But when things start to get serious between them, she is surprised at herself. What will she do? Will she give love a chance to be a permanent fixture in her life?

The story was definitely unique and had a nice spin to it. I enjoyed the different context and the build up of the plot. The story itself has the potential to entertain readers; the narrative has great promise of becoming great! Angel S. Broady has the potential for writing brilliant novels. The character development was good, the plot development was great and the imagery was really fantastic. I could easily visualize what was happening and I could understand the indecisive nature of Miya. She is a complex and deep character and she got plenty of page time to develop properly so readers could understand her. Miya had the page space to convey her thoughts and make the reader understand why she is this way. Cello Bride is a good read for fans of romance and chick lit novels!