Why & How to create a Story Proposal?

A Story Proposal can open a lot of doors for you. This small story -plot package is meant to make a lot of work and decisions easier for traditional publishers, literary agents, and self -publishers. If you are willing to get published through a traditional publisher or literary agent, please don't make the first mistake that most authors do very often. (DO NOT MAIL YOUR ENTIRE MANUSCRIPT TO A PUBLISHING COMPANY!) Because think about it? How can an agent or publisher go through thousands of manuscripts a day? Not Possible right. When anxious writers make this mistake their work be thrown in the trash! This makes a bad first impression and shows signs of ignorance of the publishing world. . . . Better yourself with these simple steps.

1.) What is a Story Proposal?

A story proposal is like a small story packet about your book that you want to publish. The packet can be no longer than five pages. This simple packet is quick and easier for agents and publishers to decide if they wish to make your publishing dream into a reality. This packet will give them an insight of what your book is about? What do you wish to accomplish when writing this book? Also, a little insight about you. It is like a job resume of the publishing world.

2.) How to create a Story Proposal?

The first page of a proposal is your cover page. It should have the title of your book, below it is your name, below that is the date. If your proposal or manuscript has been copyrighted then you're ahead of the game.

The second page is a small description of what your book is about. Description of your book should no longer than a single paragraph long. The description should be enough to draw the agent or publisher into wanting to read further into your proposal. ( Keep in mind that they are looking for writers with a not cliche style, passionate, and has something new that readers have never experience.) So, please don't be afraid to being a bit creative when writing. Underneath the description about your book should be your chosen genre.

3.) Heart of a Story Proposal!

The heart of a story proposal is always the third page on out. The third page is your chapter synopsis. A chapter synopsis is a layout of each chapter and a description of what each chapter is about. This is truly where your writing skills are to shine. The publisher or agent is seeking to be impressed at this point. They are looking for your work to not be cliche, passionate, and with it's own style.

If your chapter synopsis is able to take the publisher of agent on a journey, this will have them into wanting to work with you. The reason why a chapter synopsis is more convenient than a full manuscript is because it's quicker, and allows them to have a general idea of how they can help you to finish your entire book.

4.) It's All About You

The last and final page to your story proposal will tell a bit about you. A small autobiography about you and underneath should be a paragraph telling what you wish to  accomplish with your book? What is your voice to the world? How you think you will change or help the world with your book?

5.) Don't forget to proofread and edit :-)

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