What I do to stay inspired & How other writers can do the same?

You wake up one morning feeling excited to write your first book, then the next few days you gave up on it? or Have you wrote a book, promote it and then didn't work out as expected? Well, don't fret from traditional and indie authors, and I have gone through the same. But what inspires us to keep writing is simple.

A page from Sealed of Fate (Yakuza Sweet Revenge Book 2)
A page from Sealed of Fate (Yakuza Sweet Revenge Book 2)

There were times that I felt like giving up after I have written my first book, but the passion I had keeps calling me back to write.  The words constantly making its way onto paper.  It keeps going as stories unfold, then before I realize I have written four books. What keeps me inspired is the world.  ( " The world I say is a very strong word indeed; but it's the very thing that thrives a writer to write - and it's the hope that someone either great or small to hear my voice. .  .  .)  Allow me to go a bit deeper.

If you have taken a look at the slideshow above, I'm pretty sure you're catching on of what I'm saying.  When writing a book that is imbedded with your voice to teach and help someone, your writing to the world.  Even if you have only one person or ten people a month to read your books, knowing that someone understands and that your words have touched their hearts is worth 1,000,000 copies being sold.  ( Passion is always first and the rest will come to you.) 

The pure knowledge that someone on the other side of the world was moved by my story and that it had helped them was enough for me to write two more books after Sealed of Fate (yakuza sweet revenge book 2).  I wrote it in faith that it can possibly help someone else and for to never disappoint my reader.  Faith is key when writing to the world...  Let me tell you, how that is?

Writing a novel or even a series takes great determination and a leap of faith.  .  .  .  You have to deeply believe that no-matter how long it'll take your going to soon reach the world.  Words are power and are enough to move mind, body, and soul with its wonders. .  .    When you start writing keep that encouragement in your mind that your voice will reach out to someone.  Don't phase away from your goal to have the world hear your voice. 

For example: " When I was in the process of writing Cello Bride I didn't realize over the amount of research it took to write it.  A number of 190 pages took about three books of research to create the historical, romantic fiction surrounding Chinese officials, Andrea Amati, and traveling promoters who were rumored to be the very one's to had inspired the world to come together.  Well anyway, I felt like giving up in the middle of the novel; but once I stop to look out at the world I knew that they needed to hear my voice and for to hold back no punches.  I felt that my story can bring balance to equality no matter the ethical background, or sexuality.  The true meaning of equality is not yet seen in this world by it being so cruel."

As you can see, my simple out-look at life inspired me to keep writing, no matter the cost and time it spares.  

The faith I had motivated me to finish my book and the hard work surely paid off.  I soon got a team who supports my work and not yet have they gave up on my writing. It's good to have people who will stand by your passion.  (It's a good motivator.') In a matter of weeks I got my first editorial reviews, and soon I'm hoping my words can reach thousands.  .  .  If not well.  .  The thought of just one reader and my accomplishment is just enough.

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By: Angel S. Broady

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Author Angel S. Broady
Author Angel S. Broady

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