Top Five Tips to Writing A Best-seller!

1.) Find Your Voice!

Before you start writing your next book the first and foremost important part thing is your inner voice. This voice is to be the only spiritual and emotional narrative of your novel. You are to ask yourself, "What lesson 'am I to teach when writing this story? What do I want to say to the world that can help others?" Your life experience and how you see the world is an important piece to share in your novel. If it's fiction it's easy to slither it into a mythical character, for non-fiction just be yourself. The voice that you have is meant to help others as well as teach others. The story that you write is base on your voice.

2.) Plan Your Book Ahead!

A chapter synopsizes is good for two things, planning an upcoming or current novel your writing, and to map out your book. Mapping out your book can help you figure out where your errors are especially when there is a scene that you found that didn't make sense. It's important to keep the flow of your book at a steady pace. When you are an author the story that you envision unfolds like an open book, but there are times that our mind can play tricks, and what we see may sound exciting to put down on paper; but when reading it all together it doesn't make sense to the character and situation. Writing a chapter synopsis is mostly known for planning out a novel which is non-fiction or a biography, because of the constant research; but this technique can be formed for any novel either it is base on truth or fantasy.

3.) Character Development!

During the process of writing your next best-seller, character development plays a big part. Characters in your book are the main individuals that the reader will take a journey with and can relate. It is important for you to keep in mind of the personality of your character, their likes and dislikes, appearance, and beliefs. Don't ever step out of your characters' personality. A personality is what makes your character unique and different from the other following characters he or she interact with, but development means improving your main protagonist into becoming a better or more inspiring individual. This is where your voice or shall we say the message that you're trying to reach out to the world comes to life. It comes to life through your main protagonist.

4.) Proofreading & Editing!

This is where each and every one of us comes to a halt and overlook. Proofreading is known to being the most seen errors by most indies and even traditional authors. We get so caught up into writing our story that we overlook how some sentences will sound to the reader. It is good to use a software such as Grammarly, or hire a professional to take a look at your copyrighted manuscript for to proofread it. If the flow of the book is good to them it doesn't hurt to get a second opinion by having a friend or family member who enjoys books in that genre to read it and give you their feedback. ( Editing isn't so hard, but it can be when not done enough.) During the process of writing your manuscript, its always go back, read out-loud and edit the previous chapter. Once you have finished your book, don't be too cocky and be in a hurry to publish. Go back and edit your book about four times. (You'll be surprised by how many errors were overlooked.)

5) Write For Life Not For Money!

Write to improve someone's life with your voice. Don't write for a quick buck! Because you are bound to fail! Writing without passion isn't something that readers would enjoy and never forget. Writing takes hard work and dedications, so don't mess things up for yourself just for quick money.

We all have short attention spans when it comes down to writing. These days its hard for us to put down our phone and stop watching YouTube for just five minutes. (How did we come to this?) It's because we get bored too easily and we want to be entertained all the time or just want noise. YouTube is...

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Indie is the new black, truly? There is a fact that its growing. Indie video game studios and Indie authors are not to feel too down by going against their competition; because now a days everyone is saying this common and known phrase. ( "NOTHING IS ORGINAL ANYMORE") It's so true that it's scary to the bone. .