Kingdom Hearts 3, Has a Bright Future A Head!!

I may be a writer, but I'm also a gamer at heart. The video game that brought pure joy to my child-hood is in fact Kingdom Hearts. I must take a second to talk about it. It was one of my most cherish video game trilogies for decades. Kingdom Hearts was different. It is embedded with our favorite Disney universes and exciting battles, but there is something about Kingdom Hearts 3 that fell apart, yet worth it at the end.

The storytelling between Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 left us into confusion when Kingdom hearts 3 launch. It's hard for us to introduce the new generation to Kingdom hearts by having lack of understanding of the story-line and most of all WHY EVERY MAIN VILLIAN IN THE TROLIGY IS STILL ALIVE!! Kingdom Hearts 3 disappointed me with a lack of character development surrounding Sora. Riku developed more than Sora and mature too.

Riku started out as character who embraced darkness and didn't see anything else worth in the world into a noble and brave character who we see today. He took a stand with all his strength against a heartless tornado. (Yes, a heartless tornado. Video game developers are loving this tornado engine.)

Sora is still reckless, childish and gives up easily at the hardest of times. We figured that by all what Sora have went through not yet has he develop. I applaud Squire Enix and Disney to finally allow Sora to witness death in Kingdom Hearts 3.

The confusion and loss of interest within a story-line and lack of character development was sure spotted by Square Enix themselves. ( I for one understand deeply. When I create a character I want to see him or her develop to something more and matured to be wiser .) Square Enix saw that the only way to do that is for to give us what we want.,

Ever since Sora was introduced to the characters of Final Fantasy 7 such as Leon, Yufi, Cloud, Tifa, and Sephiroth in Kingdome Hears 1 & 2 . We die hard Square Enix fans always wanted to see Sora go through the entire Final Fantasy universe. This secret ending is a real treat and of course a win, win. Now we have something else that is going to be worth the wait.

In the future we are going to witness Sora, Riku and Kairi develop more, and to become more mature as well. They will be powerful and have more realism. The story itself will be a bit revised to  simpler understanding.


When this game launches none of us will be in a stand still when coming down to explaining kingdom hearts to our friends and children. It will all be new to us. Everyone will be comfortable with the new and still cherish the classic Kingdom hearts.

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Angel S. Broady

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