“How to overcome Writers block?

A writer's block is one of the greatest obstacles every author face. The steps to overcome such a problem are to ask yourself. What is preventing me to write? What is the problem with the chapter? Why I am unable to see what is happening with the character? What is it that isn't making sense? Why I can no longer see how to plan my story? Once your relaxed enough to ask yourself these questions, look back and proofread your previous written chapters, then look back at your chapter synopsis to see where your block is at.

If the scene and chapter are needed in order to fulfill the novel, then it's time for you to do the number one thing in case of a writer's block emergency and that is "RESEARCH!"

The research comes in many forms. ( By reading, physical interaction, and visual.)

You can do a little digging into some autobiographies or biographies and history books. Your next choice is to visit another country, interview someone who has knowledge of a lifestyle or history. If you are working with an idealist don't be afraid to share some of your ideas on how to continue your book and what is creating the block, he or she can help you on how to proceed, but idealist is legit when working closely with a publisher or literary agent.

Research can become a fun experience for you and your book. When looking for inspiration it blesses your life with an unforeseen adventure and knowledge. If you are unable to explore the heights over the horizon by traveling, or to interview anyone for your book. You can always take the time to watch the most accurate films and to read. There is nothing wrong with going to your quiet place and soak in your own imagination.

Writer's block can be sometimes caused by stress. If you need to step back from your writing, please do. Take a time to relax and destress, then as soon as you know you will be inspired to continue your story.