How I wrote my first book? Trials & History Making

secret autobiography behind my first book ever written.
secret autobiography behind my first book ever written.

The first time that I have written my book was the most challenging and exciting experience of my life. I know that it was going to be difficult for me, but I wanted to make an example. It was six years ago when I woke up one morning and began to write my first book titled Yakuza Sweet Revenge. I was working at Lowes Foods grocery store at the time and trying to help my mom look after my nieces and nephews at home.

I wrote mostly at night after 9:30 sometimes, 10:00 pm after work. I didn't care how exhausted I was, I was tired of having these stories envision in my mind and not share to the world. I will stay up to 12:00 am or sometimes 2:00 am to write a chapter. It was two months after that I'd confess to my mother that I was writing a book and that it was an Asian romance &adventure.

I can remember the look on her face, (Why's it has to be a Chinese?") she said. I answered ("That how I see them." My mother waves her hand and encourage me to write, then left it alone.

"I felt like I was making history for to be the first African American to write such a drama of such a forbidden culture to learn in my ethnic group. I know that I was making an example and at the same time. I wanted to express my voice the world."

It has been about six months and I was near finish at the twentieth chapter; but then I realize how many errors I made. There were some words that were typed twice, sentences are written twice, the chapter named the same, misuse of compound sentences, misspelled words. At that moment I knew that I had to set a schedule and not rush through the book.

I went back to the drawing board of my research of the Yellow Emperor, Xia and Shang dynasty, and Japanese civil history. I made sure every persona of my side characters are correct. Yakuza, of course, I kept her unique and non-related to known official figures of early 1600's Chinese history. I also proof-read and edited the chapters. It toke me two weeks to fix my mistakes. After correcting my errors I made-out a better schedule to write my book. If I'm working nights don't write, write in the morning before I go to work, and proof-read on my days off.

There have been times when my days will become depressing and difficult because during that time my sisters would give me a hard time. "They would say that I would never go to college, aren't going to be nothing in life, and that I should shut my mouth. I have also gotten into a fight two times and almost with my second oldest sister, but out of being a foolish follower of beloved Christ I forgive them and be there for them when they needed me. Even if it means watching their children. I would do my very best to provide for my family.

The year March,15,2013 was the day I published Yakuza Sweet Revenge and keep on writing after that almost every year I have made an achievement that most say is impossible.

I attended Halifax Community College at 2015 and I couldn't say that for once I that my oldest sister for introducing me to Mrs. Johnson of the tutoring center because after just one talk with her made me grow some backbone. She made me open my eyes to the fact that needed myself more than ever. She also reminded me that even when times are hard to have your head up. (It was fun to attend college when little to no-one know that you are an author. It was like going under-cover.

I stick to my passion and my voice to open that world to purity with dark truthful compassion. I wanted to throw punches and write what no other scholar or writer dare not put on paper.

"A last the history I make is mine and mine alone. For it created the life I endured."

I may be a writer, but I'm also a gamer at heart. The video game that brought pure joy to my child-hood is in fact Kingdom Hearts. I must take a second to talk about it. It was one of my most cherish video game trilogies for decades. Kingdom Hearts was different. It is embedded with our favorite Disney universes...

Indie is the new black, truly? There is a fact that its growing. Indie video game studios and Indie authors are not to feel too down by going against their competition; because now a days everyone is saying this common and known phrase. ( "NOTHING IS ORGINAL ANYMORE") It's so true that it's scary to the bone. .