How I keep focused during long                      writing sessions?

We all have short attention spans when it comes down to writing. These days its hard for us to put down our phone and stop watching YouTube for just five minutes. (How did we come to this?) It's because we get bored too easily and we want to be entertained all the time or just want noise. YouTube is one of the places that makes a lot of noise. There is also checking your Facebook page, Instagram post, and yes, I will admit I am guilty with all these things.

I caught myself in a bad habit more than once while I was writing Raven (Y.K.R). I would stop very often just to see what's on YouTube or funny mems on I funny; but I realize how slow my writing process was, so I decided to stop. It turns out that YouTube doesn't change, and most of the time it just makes a lot of noise to keep you entertain and the only way to get rid of noise is to tune it out. or replace it with something else.

I replace social media and YouTube into a positive habit that are to benefit me as well as entertain me while writing. This method helps me overcome writers block. It's five letters; M.U.S.I.C...

Yes, Music. It is true that when listening to music your mind opens. Its relaxing as sometimes impact you emotionally when writing about a characters' life. The first two hours I would put on a nice relaxing piano music that I found nice on Youtube or Soundcloud. I would listen to classical music that helps me envision a scene during my wring process. When the first two hours is over, I have written about two pages and a half. This is when a take a break from staring at the computer screen.

I would check to see if there is any quick chore that I needed to get done. I would do the chore, eat then go back to my computer again. It had past three hours; but worth it because now I don't have to worry about anything else to do. I would turn on my music and continue to write until Id finish with my entire chapter.

It is best to complete a chapter a day or half a chapter a day if you are having a full schedule during the day. Meaningless to say you must have determination and passion to write a book. A living perfection of an inner desire to take someone on an adventure using the power of words is incredible. It only takes one compassionate writer to do it. And that person is you. If you care a reader, then you inherit the first stepping stones to success. 

 written By: Angel S. Broady

                                                           Thank you for reading.