Best Website to Promote Your Book !

Best Websites to promote your book for free!

It is important to gain exposure to your book to get the word out. Publicity is key to having readers and book sales. I'm pretty sure almost every Indie author has tried the first method which is to post on facebook, twitter, Chime. In, Pinterest, etc. as often as possible and to post ads using Google or Bing. These are very fine methods for a start, but there is a catch. The catch is that you must make sure that you have your book in front of the right audiences, using the right hashtags, and using at least one keyword when titling your posts. This will make it easier for readers to find your book across social media, but most importantly is the consistency.

For a book to sell you'll have to create a demand. Making a habit to post about your book to at least 2 -3 websites a day makes a huge difference, especially when posting each of your submission with hash-tags on social media platforms. (Please take note that when posting at least 2 -3 times a day, it is very important to be aware of the day/time when website visitors are most active.) This information is given to you if you have a good amount of great visitors/likes on your business page. (Be aware of this one fact, in order to be a good Indie Author is to take the first step as being your own Publisher.)

Now back to the most exciting websites to post your books for free.

1. Library Thing: This website is good to boost your rate of exposure of in front of over 2,000,000.00 book lovers. Please make sure your novel has at least one or two reviews to make it easier for the novel explorer to easily decide on whether your book is up to their taste. (Review must be real. Not a paid review.) An editorial review base on creditability is even more trustworthy. Your book will be in the category and heart of the book community where you can make event posts, chat, and post articles. It always great to participate and interact with other fellow other authors like yourself and readers.

2. Wattpad:  This book loving community is a little different than Library Thing. It is, in fact, one of the world's most popular destination to publish and read ebooks. Wattpad please their readers by delivering billions of pages from its library that is published within its community. If you can interact with other readers. ( Remember to keep up with the consistency to boost your rate in the search engines and to keep your readers entertained. )

Even though this book loving community is good for to openly expose your book for free you have to remember to make a repetition online. Most times the only way for someone to find you are for to search for your book title or author name. So, try to have your book under the right genre, trustworthy reviews, a reliable website, and most of all promote by using google ads, or social media ads, take advantage of hash-tags.

3.) Bowker: is the number one place for you to take the first steps as a true publisher. If you have at least 1-100 ISBN numbers and have written a book you can be your own publisher.

(As an Indie Author, if you're doing the work as a publisher you might as well be your own publisher.) If you are planning to have a growing future for your characters and stories then I recommend having your own publishing company name; but keeping your work as just published books is as far that you are going to go then I recommend using only your name or pen name as the publisher. )

Your books are your products and having it available for the library and the retail database is extremely important. Soon after when you are ready to publish your finished book or ebook, it is fragile to have your ISBN number inserted into the Bowker database. Your titles are exposed to many facets after using this single application. This will make it easier for library catalogs and retailers to search and order your books. For you to market your book titles worldwide you will have to enlist it on Bowker. It is the only trusted application system that physical and online stores to use and is known to be a gateway to success by many known book industries.

4.) Reader's Favorite:

For personal experience Reader's Favorite is known to help review traditional and indie author's titles. (If your novel happens to get a gold ( 4 or 5 stars rated review ) from one of reader's favorite's reviewers your book will be featured on their website, and available to enter into the book giveaway program for other readers and bloggers to review your book for free. Of course, you may have to be comfortable to share an eBook copy of your book or physical copy to them. After 2weeks of your book featured on their website, your novel's outstanding and honest review will be sent to 500,000 in total for libraries and bookstores.

If your novel receives a low rating, please don't be discourage criticisms isn't meant to hurt you; but to help you. So, whatever type of low rating review you receive please take that opportunity to better yourself by enhancing your writing skills, proof-reading, and editing. - If your book is heading in the wrong direction that means you must take a step back and relapse to redirect your story to a more of a stand-out and entertaining feel.

5,) Anobii - Anobii is a great way to reach out to readers who are looking for great new release books. This website is where readers meet Books instead of Bookbub which is another good website to promote your novel but will cost a great deal of up to 500-700.00 dollars just to make a great sale in ads and deal promotions, but it's up to you how much you are willing to spend depending on your budget. But enough about Boob bub - Anobii is a great way to reach out to far-away readers internationally. It is a social media network where you can post your book, get to know people who adore books just like you. ( Participating is power and being apart of a community is important when trying to reach out to others.) When your writing books it's not good to be isolated, get involve and be social.)

6.) BookLikes -

If you have your own ISBN number and have written your own book being apart of PRIMEDIA is a good start. If you have started distributing your work through Bowker it's ok as well, as long as your Publisher name and title is enlisted for BooksinPrint database. Booklikes may not be all free, but a great convenience when you're on a budget and trying to meet your sales. Booklikes also have a great Book giveaway program where readers can read and review your book. When being interactive on Booklikes and participating with readers in the community you will gain a fair share of reviews and recommendation. This can also better your writing career if you receive a bad review back. ( Don't look for sales when using this social community platform only credibility.)

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