Cello Bride ( Book 2) titled Let Me Go is still planned for publishing

Rose Angel Books is caught in the middle of two titles from to proceed with Year Kings Revenge to the Cello Bride series. Since, Cello Bride is an upriser to be catching the attention of media audience. The historically fiction, romance of Miya Xi is not to be abandon. Angel S. Broady has been continuing to update her social media audiences on Twitter and Facebook that she's continuing the book for publishing.

Even though this studio is set back on funding we don't wish to disappoint our loyal few. Cello Bride (Book 2) official published date is set or November, 26,2019 for eBooks, but the physically copy is yet unknown. 

Digital image of Queen Piyan and Miya Quan holding Cello
Digital image of Queen Piyan and Miya Quan holding Cello

We have realized that most our book lovers and book reviewers who have read Cello Bride (Book 1) is aware of Angela's fate; but not entirely. Of course, the cat is out of the bag about the concubine Angela's affair and fate; but we would like to go a lot deeper with Queen Piyan and darker with Lord Wun. The emperor may appear very kind to adore the concubines; but remember he must love his empress more than the consorts of the harem.

Author Angel S. Broady said that the changes must be necessary; by the position that Piyan is in. Wun are to stand by his empress regardless, even if its unjust. Angela's' affair with Eji was indeed too quick and this revelation will not be as mentioned in the story synopsis. Yes, the story is going under a change to a darker and more realistic route. It is indeed more tragic, even for Miya.

Chinese  Hanfu, Miya Xi, Courtesan in Cello Bride Book 2
Chinese Hanfu, Miya Xi, Courtesan in Cello Bride Book 2

Miya is still an artist at heart . Her capability to reach out to the nation with her wits and charm is nothing in comparison for to inspire even the coldest hearts. Queen Piyan is one of the most interesting villains that she represents as one of the most vicious, yet beautiful women in Chinese history. She bewitches Lord Wun so deep that her beauty blinds him to oversee her wicked heart. Piyan indeed adores Wun , but has heartless intentions to keep the harem at bay from . She is firmly aware that her fate is abound; but she doesn't wish to leave her seat to just any harem or to no harem.

Locksmith is one of the compound characters who walks a thin line between making sacrifices to struggle; but he is not alone during this lonely time.

The series Cello Bride we can't say will end on a good or bad note; but we swear to our readers that it will be unforgettably stunning.

Raven (Y. K. R. Series) Hasn't Died -Only Reborn- New Series is Planned)

Digital painting of Hawk EYe of Falcon . Base on the Yakuza Sweet Revenge Series.
Digital painting of Hawk EYe of Falcon . Base on the Yakuza Sweet Revenge Series.

 We have a treat for Book Lovers of the the Yakuza Sweet Revenge series.  It is true that Raven was the  final chapter to Yakuza or shall we say Mai Tu Song's life; but to all fans the journey of these two brothers hasn't come to an end.  Their mission for to assassinate Kohon still has to be completed.  It was the final dying wish from their master Spider.  

For our fans who are very familiar with the events that have took place in Raven (Y.K.R), Hawk Eye is the last Kyomizu which holds the most unforgiving burden .  Not only our young ninja has to take up this oath for the Kyomizu named to not die in vain; but Hawk Eye also hinders the curse of immortality so there will be a few demons and new enemies.  

The story will begin with the assassin Mai Tu Song fulfilling the wish of assassinating Masahiku and the deceiving king Shamaru.  This may prevent the key roles players from deceiving and posioning the world; but still the world needs repairing.  This is where everyone will play a role to reestablish humanity back on earth.  The series will be named (Y.K.R.) which means (Year. Kings. Revenge) .  

Author Angel S. Broady is still deciding rather to have this series as the first manga or an ebook.  More updates will be posted soon.  Thanks to all our Rose Angel Books fans.