Cello Bride Series

New beautifully crafted series written by Angel S. Broady, that is firmly known as a lovely 5 star guilty pleasure, a hot intriguing romance which reveals the reality of a woman's beauty, strength, talents, and heart ache. Get lost in a dramatic & authentic journey of the Cello Bride.

Let Me Go ( Cello Bride Book 2)

Wall Mount  ; 18x24 inches This signifies the dividing image of Queen Piyan and Miya Xi in the next upcoming book. Miya is a courtesan , but her standards as an artist doesn't fades in the slightest. Queen Piyan however is beautiful, but is more vicious.


Let Me Go ( Cello Bride Book 2 )

RELEASE DATE: November,26, 2019 "Art of burning passion and Lust; Ignites shame" Cruelly twisted treachery takes its toll within the palace walls. Concubine Angela's affair with hwarang Eji soldier is beginning to reveal, Kiwa's jealously grows into arts of manipulation, and the dark ambitions of Empress Piyan. The ties within these spells of lust and love abounds from one after another to losing their lives for the sake of power and wealth. Miya Xi takes upon the new identity of Miya Quan that her background is of a Han clan. Her wits and beauty as a sold palace courtesan allow her to escape the fate of being a whore to many nobles. Yet she becomes a useful tool to nobleman ( Ai Aiguo) for to be the sexually attractive courtesan of his dreams. Miya's heart still belongs to Timothy Locksmith. And even though he is half way across the world, so is his heart belongs to her. For the sake to be together again, they take a risk that almost ended their lives. A beautiful romance novel and heartfelt tragedy. Dimension (inches) : 6 wide x 9 tall Publisher: Rose Angel Books Condition: , Paperback ( in color )


Miya Xi

An 18x24 Wall Mount Poster of Miya as a courtesan holding up her most cherished instrument at her side. She sits up a pink river over pink cherry blossoms.  Autograph by the author and artist


    Yakuza Sweet Revenge Series

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    Read the popular series that started it all. Masterfully crafted by Angel S. Broady as a beautiful chilling Asian cocktail of History, Myth and Sex combined..