Frequently Ask Questions

Is Rose Angel Books A physcial Bookstore?

No, Rose Angel Book is only an online bookstore own by self- publisher and author Angel S. Broady. 

Who is Angel S. Broady?

Angel S. Broady, or Angel Broady is the sole -owner of   Rose Angel Books & Arts. She is the self-publisher and Author of copyrighted brand name novels Rose Angel Books. She is also the first-African American to have written Asian drama novels.

Is there an pick-up order option for book lovers ?

In store pick- up for all books by Angel S. Broady can be made by purchasing upon request at store retailers such as your local Wal-Mart, Booksamillion, Waterstones, and Barnes &Noble. Pick-up is not available where the publisher resides at this time.

If purchased using Rose Angel Books how quickly can I get my books &Wall-Art?

After an approved transaction, all orders will take up to 2 weeks or sooner to be shipped and arrive at shipped address.

If my order doesn't arrive on time or if I have never received my order, will I be refunded?

Yes, you can be refunded for any orders that hasn't arrived as expected, or haven't received paid order..

Can you tell if my order has arrived and where my order is after purchase?

Of course, We can easily tracked your order and estimation to see if it have arrived at destination or still in transition.

I made a mistake purchasing a product and will like my money back, Can I be refunded?

Yes under conditions, A purchased order can be refunded seven days after purchases. If the order was currently being shipped to destination we will ask for accidental order to be return. If order was kept three days after arrival the customer will be notified and charged for the non-return products.

Can I receive a Reviewer Copy of Books written by Angel S. Broady? 

 Yes absolutely under requirements! If you have a small YouTube channel, blog, or just a common social media page,  a book club, either with a larger or small amount of followers we can see about sending you a review copy of one of Miss Broady's novellas.   We enjoy hearing from booklovers on their thoughts about her stories. (All submission will be reviewed for free copy approval.)


We are looking forward to hear from you.

Rose Angel


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