Rose Angel Books & Arts are known as a brand of entertainment of digital art and books that are written and created by Angel S. Broady. The brand of Rose Angel is bound to only grasps our audience with a taste of beauty and reality.

Our title collections of books are graphic with provocative sexuality being express, and myths that bound to make your skin crawl. We look at world history to see as to how we can reach the public in the most effective way to believe in humanity again.

Rose Angel Books print publishing partners LULU.com distributes our titles to online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Book Depository, etc.  We also have a few titles for sale on Ingram for physical and online retailers on Ingram

About the Author

Angel S. Broady is a talented author from a small town of Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina.  She is a loving aunt of three nieces and four nephews; and former student of H.C.C.

Angel spent years of drawing out amazing characters that she envisions will change the world, but she sought that sketches are visuals, yet words are powerful.  She was inspired by the works of Maya Angelou's compassionate poetic themes and Williams Shakespeare's historical yet dark works that soon she decided to write the stories about her characters.

After only three years of writing, she has managed to do the impossible.  She has written compassionate and beautiful Asian dramas but was the first to accomplish the almost impossible.    Angel S. Broady has managed to write romance and adventures that are not cliche or generic!  The characterizations of her characters and stories are charming and bewitching that all readers enjoyed.

Her stories were granted fives stars and were stunning to top book reviewers.


Art & Entertainment Studio

Rose Angel is also an art studio that we take our time to design beautiful characters that we look forward to placing in animation in the near future for book lovers worldwide.

From fine art photography, concept art, and animation we always have a story to tell. Our passion for not only writing passionate novels; but expanding our imagination to create beautiful artwork for everyone to enjoy.